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5G mmWave

The 5G millimeter-wave small base station is the core product of our company in the 5G field. It has the characteristics of high bandwidth, low latency and high speed. Its transmission rate is more than 4 times that of the Sub-6G small base station. The key product to achieve the full vision.
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  • 5G millimeter wave RF AIP module

    Millimeter wave phased array antenna, beamforming, frequency conversion, zero if and beam control are adopted Adaptive integrated millimeter wave station type and distributed millimeter wave station type Integrated with advanced millimeter wave AIP module, industry-leading EIRP, open and flexible interface definition Compatible with Intel, flexran architecture NXP, arm architecture and ASIC baseband, it is suitable for flexible beamforming configuration schemes of various dry millimeter wave base station types (512 channels, 256 channels, 128 channels and 64 channels)

  • 5G millimeter wave RRU

    The product is an indoor small base station equipment based on millimeter wave technology Use option7 2 ecpri return interface Supporting SFP optical port return is a low-cost solution to solve indoor coverage and increase network capacity

  • Integrated small base station solution

    The product is a 5g millimeter wave small base station equipment with backbone x86 baseband processing architecture. The modular integration scheme is adopted. The RF module in the millimeter wave forward transmission converts the if to the digital baseband signal, and is connected to the x86 baseband processing server through the standard pcle interface. Supporting millimeter wave band is a low-cost solution to solve indoor coverage and increase network capacity.

  • 5G Millimeter wave repeater

    A 5g base station signal amplification device is used to make up for the coverage blind spot and blind area in the communication network, extend the coverage of the communication network, enhance the signal in the weak signal area in the communication network, reduce the call drop and network drop, save the power consumption of terminal equipment and directly save the 5g laying cost.

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