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Ka/Ku Band Low Cost Satellite

Ka/Ku Band Low Cost Satellite
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  • 5G"Bitter" and "sweet" of millimeter wave

    5g millimeter wave has many outstanding advantages, such as large frequency broadband capacity, easy combination with beamforming and ultra-low delay, which is conducive to promoting the development of industrial Internet, AR / VR, cloud games, real-time computing and other industries. At the same time, millimeter wave can support the deployment of dense areas, carry out high-precision positioning and high equipment integration, which will help to promote the miniaturization of base stations and terminals.

  • What kind of 5g network does the industry need

    According to the economic analysis of 5g millimeter wave released by GSMA in 2021, through the comprehensive analysis of the development cost, gain and economic benefits of 5g millimeter wave, it shows that the combination of 5g millimeter wave and if C-band will bring obvious cost optimization and gain to operators in the scenario of high-density urban deployment and fixed wireless access.

  • How does millimeter wave continue to accumulate force forward?

    According to the data shared by Joe Barett, President of GSA, 186 operators in 48 countries are planning to develop 5g on the millimeter wave spectrum of 26-28ghz, 37-40ghz and 47-48ghz. 134 operators in 23 countries hold licenses and can carry out millimeter wave deployment. North America, Europe and Asia account for 75% of all spectrum deployment.




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